Sanitation Remains a Priority

Golf Course and Range are still OPEN!

We’re OPEN and look forward to your golf at CONTINENTAL. Thank you for being a part of Continental golfing family and we appreciate your support over the years. We always do our best to take good care of you, and we’re doing even more now to help ensure your health and safety while you’re at Continental Country Club.


Sanitation Remains a Priority

Our team works hard to be certain our equipment and facilities are always clean and in good order, and we have redoubled these efforts in light of recent events. Extra care is being given when cleaning golf carts between each use and all the hard surfaces within the golf shop and surrounding areas.

Things to Keep in Mind

Golf can be a great way to take a break from more serious concerns, enjoying time outdoors with friends and family. When you come to play golf at Continental, or wherever you choose to play, we have a few ideas to help ensure your health and safety on the golf course.

  • Be mindful of your personal space, keeping at least six feet from other players (stay outside of gimme distance).
  • Consider walking or alternating driving the golf cart while your partner walks in order to maintain social distance.
  • Consider leaving the flagstick in the cups throughout the round. As you know the USGA recently approved.
  • Don’t handle other players’ clubs.
  • Wash your hands several times during the round.
  • Forego the traditional handshake after holing out on the 18th. If you must, offer an elbow tap, a tip of the cap or perhaps a bow…just remember to keep your hands to yourself.

Only you can decide if playing golf is a safe activity at this time. If you do choose to join us for a round, rest assured we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re safe and have a great time.

Donate a Tree Program

Why donate a tree? Tree donations have many meaningful benefits.

Trees are Living Memorials of recognition. Trees of Life donated by groups express the recognition and value (along with pride) of specific group activities enjoyed at the club. Your group may be HOA members, golf leaguers, tennis and pickle ball players, along with yoga and bridge enthusiasts who meet here.

Donate a Tree ProgramTrees of Honor can be dedicated to groups and loved ones. Donated trees are the perfect memorial for the loss of a loved one(s) or a dear friend. They are also perfect as a compassionate gift to a family surviving that loss. These donations are appropriate from individuals, groups or companies.

Trees of Celebration recognize special occasions and events through out our lives. Examples include: the birth of child or grandchild, a special birthday (sweet sixteen), graduations, marriage, anniversaries and many others.

How about a Tree of Appreciation for a person, group or organization to whom you want to show special and lasting gratitude?

Trees add value to our HOA property which also adds value to homeowners. Trees are lost for many reasons and must be cut down; so replacement is essential!

Trees help the environment! In addition to their aesthetic value, trees help stop erosion and traffic noise, provide frost protection, act as windbreakers, help decrease ground evaporation and provide glorious shade. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air we breath, offer living spaces for our beloved birds, and provide beautiful scenery to our Country Club landscape.

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