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April Board of Director’s Meeting- Cancelled

Seeking Board of Directors

Special Meeting- Removal of Board Members



Purpose The undersigned members hereby petition the Board of Directors to set a date, time and place for a special membership meeting for the purpose of removing from the Board short-term rental owner John Keegan (elected), short-term rental owner Robert Hoadley (appointed) and Dusty Rhoton who also supports having short-term rentals in our community, and that notice and ballots be sent to the membership.

Absentee Ballot 09.28.2019

Notice of Special Meeting

Meet the Candidates

Board Seeking Candidates

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

CC&R Amendment Clarification Regarding Level II & III Offenders

Some questions have arisen regarding the ability of Continental Country Club to propose an amendment prohibiting level two and three sex offenders from residing within homes governed by the Unified Declaration.  Arizona statutes specify that an association may lawfully enforce provisions in its governing documents that restrict the residency by level two or three sex offenders.

A.R.S. 33-1806.01(H) states as follows:

“H. This section does not prohibit and an association may lawfully enforce a provision in the community documents that restricts the residency of persons who are required to be registered pursuant to section 13-3821 and who are classified as level two or level three offenders.”

We hope this information clears up any confusion on this issue.

Notice of November Meeting


Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

Notice- Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

The Continental monthly Board of Directors Meeting scheduled for tomorrow, January 24, 2017 at 3:00pm has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Terracon- Q & A Session

Dear Homeowners,

I would like to thank those of you that were able to attend our Q & A this afternoon with our Terracon representatives regarding Lake Elaine. Many of you returned to your winter homes or had prior commitments and could not attend today’s presentation. Please know that we posted and e-mailed the homeowners as soon as we were given confirmation from Terracon that they were going to be available to us. We also understand the frustration that some of you may feel in not receiving more notice. For those of you that could not attend below you will find an audio recording so you can listen to the presentation as well as the questions presented from other homeowners. We hope this will satisfy those of you that were unable to be here today.

As always if you have any questions please call me directly at 928-526-5125 ext 202.


Chris Shields

Notice of Special Meeting of the Board

Townhall Meeting

Lake Elaine Townhall Meeting July 26th

Lake Elaine Letter

Lake Elaine Townhall Meeting

Lake Elaine

November 2015

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February 2014


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