Tenant Registration

Continental Country Club, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has established a Tenant Registration Policy. All owners renting their homes will be required to register their tenants with the Association by use of the simple attached form or register online. The Board of Directors believes that this is a necessary step to ensure the welfare and safety of the owners, residents, and guests.

Registering and signing this Tenant Registration Document will create greater accountability from owners who are renting and their tenants, resulting in fewer CC&R violations and, in turn, less fines and fees to the property owner. One of the many benefits of this new program is that tenants will be a more viable part of the community.

This Tenant Registration Document must be filled out and submitted for each existing and future lease. Existing leases and rentals will not be grandfathered; a form must be submitted for existing leases and rentals. Even if an owner has previously filled out a tenant registration form, the information must be completed again for each stay.

The charge for processing this registration for an owner renting is $25.00 each time there is a change in tenant. This fee will be charged to all existing leases currently in place as well as each additional new lease where there is a change in tenant.  Please return the enclosed form to Continental Country Club, Inc. with all information completed as well as a check made payable to Continental Country Club, Inc. OR use the online submission form which will help you process your payment via PayPal.

Tenant Registration Form

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