Tenant Registration

A.R.S. 33-1806.01 allows Associations to implement a Tenant Registration Policy and charge a processing fee. All owners renting their homes will be required to register their tenants with the Association by use of the simple attached form or register online .

Within fifteen (15) days of commencement of each lease/rental term (even a renewal), the Owner shall provide the Association with a completed copy of the Tenant Registration Form. In addition, the Owner shall pay the Association a $25 fee within fifteen (15) days of commencement of the lease/rental term if there is a change of tenancy.

The Owner shall be liable for any violation of the Declaration, the Design Guidelines or the Rules and Regulations by the Tenants or other persons residing in the home and their guests or agents and, in the event of any such violations. Owner is advised to explain and provide copies of the Rules and Regulations to the Lessee/Tenant. The Owner, upon demand of the Association, shall immediately take all necessary actions to correct any violations.

Continental Country Club, Inc. makes all Association Documents such as CC&R’s, Rules and Regulations and Bylaws available on Association website.

Owner shall pay to the Association a $25.00 processing fee each time there is a change in tenant. Existing contracts between owners and tenants will not be grandfathered in or exempt from this program.

All fees associated with this policy are the responsibility of the homeowner, and all liabilities and responsibilities shall rest on the owner. No portion of the cost of compliance shall be reimbursed or repaid by the Association, or the Board, for any reason at any time.


As provided in Section 2 of the CC&Rs, the Lots are restricted to single family dwellings for residential use only by one family. As provided in Section 12 of the CC&Rs, no boarders or renters of a portion of any of the Lots shall be permitted, but an entire lot, together with the improvements thereon, may be rented only to a single family. For purposes of the CC&Rs and these Rules, the term “family” means a group of one or more adults who regularly (not temporarily) maintain a common household, along with any minor children under the legal custody of the adult(s) in the family and together with their domestic employees or contractors; provided, however the adults in the group shall consist of either: (a) persons who are each related to each other by blood, marriage, or legal adoption; or (b) not more than four (4) persons, some or all of whom are not related to the others by blood, marriage or legal adoption.

Tenant Registration Form

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